1990-1995 era top view SF turn based merc game...

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Blue Bogle

1990-1995 era top view SF turn based merc game...

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I am trying to find out about an old game that I'd bought at office depot in the dicount pile sometime between the early and mid 90's. It was a somewhat futuristic top view turn based (I think it's turn based) adventure style game where you start in a spaceship or base where you pick out a team of mercineries or some sort of soldiers, then you are put into a top view level where you go around and do your mission. There were diff. guns and grenades, and other kinds of weapons... I really don't remember much else but it seemed really advanced at the time... Any ideas?

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This is a guess... but maybe C-Dogs/Cyberdogs

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Games name

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Could it be KKND???

B lue Bogle

Both too new

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No, both are newer, or at least have better graphics and look a lot newer. This one is around Kings Quest 6 time, or just a little later. And I think you had small teams... kind of reminds me of X-com but only in a very ball park kind of way... I really wish I knew more, but it's not like C-dogs in that it's actually a store only game, and not a net download, and it's not as nice as the KKPC (or whatever it was called... I forgot : ) Thanks for trying and let me know if anyone else has an idea... I'll keep looking till then.

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