Old Point and Click Adventure

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Old Point and Click Adventure

Post by Henglong »

When I was in Junior High school I played a game that I cannot remember the name of. It was an adventure game like King's Quest, but set in "modern" times.

All I remember is that the main character wakes up in a hospital with amnesia and a bandage around his head. You get out of the room by going through the window, I think. You also raid a janitor closet. The last thing that I remember doing in the game is walking on the edge of the building as you shimmy around the corner and into your neighbor's room.

If there is any one that knows what this game is called or where I could find it I would be forever grateful.
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Post by Wally »


Post by Henglong »

Not Discworld. There wasn't anything fantasy about it.

When I wrote King's Quest, I just meant point and click not the fantasy part.

Post by Samsonite13 »

Could it be Sanitarium? You start out with Amnesia in that one.
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Post by GAMER »

"Runaway - A Road Adventure" starts similar to that?
In regards to someone waking up in hospital, climbing outside a window into an adjacent room and raiding a store room...

There was also a game i remember playing online...
I can't remember the name of it, and you played a girl with amnesia...
I think it started like that, but i'm not sure. It was the first game that came to mind when i read your request...
If it IS the same game, then these are some things i remember about it, that might trigger your memory, or other members' --
* spider under a rock in a forest...
* log in a river used to get to places...
* old woman witch doctor place...
* coloured mushrooms...
* it was a part of a series...when i played it, the second part hadn't been made.
* the graphics looked sort of "rotoscoped" (not sure what the right term for it is...)

This may or may not be the game you are after...
However, if anyone knows what game i'm talking about, link me. :)

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Post by Henglong »

All I remember is the hospital part at the very beginning. I know that you steal sheets from the closet and that you die if you don't leave your room quickly and if they find you in the hall.


Post by Guest »

I definitely think the previous poster was right. As you were describing the game, it sounded very familiar...and then the previous poster said "Runaway", and I just played that last year. I think I remember you actually had to start a tiny fire in the hospital room to escape, if I recall correctly.

Post by Matt »

It's got to be Countdown! I could never escape the hospital without being caught by the guards.
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Post by Rick Sirocco »

I agree with "Countdown" by Access Software.
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Post by Henglong »

I am sorry to say that it is not Countdown. Although that does look like a fun game. There was no top-down view at any time during the game.
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