have you ever played the hugo triligies? What'cha think?p.s.

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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crazy chickens

have you ever played the hugo triligies? What'cha think?p.s.

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I loved the Hugo games, but they are a little old, and I am looking for similar games,do you know any
:o crazy chicken

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Great games, eh? Ummm...have you played Maniac Mansion and DOTT? They are sort of like that. Cute name by the way. :cuccoan: <-- now thats a crazy chicken.

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im also a HUGE adventure game fan. Try

any of the Leisure Suit Larry games
Space quest 1-3
Police Quest 1

on this site, download the Adventure Game Studio from here

and then go here and download some of these games. (My favourites are the Larry Vales series made by Pitchfork Productions.)


PS: bleow is a REALLY crazy chicken

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Get Freddy Pharkas - Fronteir Pharmacist. That's what Al lowe made in place of Leisure suit larry 4.

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