the name of that game

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the name of that game

Post by Retrogameman »

Does anybody know an old DOS game in which you could collect items like a pogo stick etc. and go into rooms. It was colour and a sidescrolling game, from right to left if I remember correctly. You controlled this boy with yellow hair. I think there may have been green blob monsters you could shoot in it. I think the boy you controlled had a blue and white horizontal striped t-shirt. I believe the game had at least 1 sequel. It was around about 1991 or earlier. Thankyou if anyone can help.

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Commander Keen?

Post by cessnapilot18 »

Sounds kinda like one of the Commander Keen games to me.

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Post by wardrich »

first of all, it was a football helmet... 2nd of all, it is a commander Keen game... prolly the first one... i believe it was called "The Attack of the Vorticons."


no no no you've got it wrong

Post by Retrogameman »

Thanks for your replies but I should've emphasised it is NOT ANY VERSION OF commander keen.

It is NOT a helmet the boy is wearing, and although commander keen does have a pogo stick and green alien looking thing I am certain this game is entirely different!

More about this game:

- Outside was green grass, bright blue sky
- Doorways were black archways
- Inside rooms was dark; could collect items from here; there were possibly ladders or poles leading down to more rooms
- The game was difficult (well at the time at least)
- It had good EGA or basic VGA graphics
- 1 player (obviously)
- Had to jump over cliffs
- The ground under the grass may have been purple

So if anyone knows the name of the game I am talking about please let me know. It may or may not be a good game; it is hard to know because I was a young kid at the time. I do remember I liked the game at the time.

The name of the game may have started with B
and... had NOTHING to do with commander keen.

So if anyone knows; please help.

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I know this game

Post by Wally »

Is this game like a boy and his blob on nintendo???

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Post by John The Ax »

I know this sounds odd, but you've exactly described Commander Keen Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle. I mean, to a T. Are you sure it's not the fourth?
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