The Jack Thompson video game!

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The Jack Thompson video game!

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Clicky clicky...

But since just saying "Clicky clicky" may be considered spam here's a quote from the page introducing oyu to the game... wrote:We'll admit it - when we first heard about Jack Thompson's "Modest Video Game Proposal", we thought it was just another lame attempt by a humorless old man to bring undue attention to himself in order to try and make up for a wasted youth and failing career. Little did we know that "Whacko Jacko" had laid out the blueprint for the seminal game of our generation - a game so gory, so brutal, so devoid of logic and morals that it would make Postal 2 seem like Ms. Pacman. A game so terrible, so repulsive, that a 60-year old serial killer squeezed out his first tear in 40 years when he played the beta. The BETA.
P.S. For those of you who don't know who Jack Thompson is, basically he's a pathetic old man with nothing better to do then go on a crusade against video games for no justifyable reason. Run a Google search to find out more.

Also note: I'm not talking about the Australia actor Jack Thompson, I'm referring to an American lawyer.
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