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Password forgoten

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 7:15 am
by Larry Laffer
U know this is silly :huh: but with the 3 computers at home(two PIIIs and a 486) I can't get the bios to open cause I forgot the pasword(I was about 7 when i created that password and it's been over a decade since I used the 486. anyway I heard there are universal BIOS paswords. Can U help me :cry:

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 1:46 pm
by dosraider
Good one Larry.
There are enough programs you can find to retrieve passwords if you do some googling.
Also you always can erase the whole bios by ..... whoops, is it really for your PC's or are you trying to enter in some other ones ? (school ... daddy's .... whoever's PC ? ....)

Do some goog'ling, what you ask can easily be used for illegal activities, nope, I won't help you out here.


Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 4:11 pm
by Thunderdog
You can reset the password for the BIOS on most machines by taking the cover off, locating the battery on the motherboard, and carefully taking it out. Then leave it out for about 5 minutes, put it back in, and it should reset the BIOS, including the password. I learned that trick when I was 9.

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 9:05 pm
by franpa
another suggestion is to update your BIOS (even if its the same version)

there is a chance that my suggestion will result in a dead computer if the BIOS update fails.

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 9:21 pm
by HappyHarvick29
Yeah, I had a failed overclocking attempt on my board, and removing the battery worked. Should work for you too.

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 2:09 am
by Larry Laffer
1. Well i tried to take out th battery... But I CAN'T my old junky 486's battery can't be taken out(unles with a pickhammer)
2. Dosraider...MY DAD'S BEEN DEAD FOR OVER 15 YEARS....(JERK) :Angry:

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 12:44 pm
by Thunderdog
Doesn't make much sense.. There should only be like, a clip on top of it or something. Take a picture of it, if you can.

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 3:38 pm
by dosraider
Nope Thunderdog, he is right.
The older system batteries are soldered on the mainboard.

On the old boards you need to shortcut 2 pins on your bios chip or there is a special jumper mark'd with .... jerk? he says jerk?
Larry Laffer wrote: Dosraider...MY DAD'S BEEN DEAD FOR OVER 15 YEARS....(JERK) :Angry:
Could you please state all that is "not to be said " to you please Larry Laffer?
So that we certainly will not in any way hurt your feelings?
Make a list of things you can't take .

I'm 51, so when you have make YOUR list I'll make mine, and we will ask at every member on this board to do also, all the forbidden sayings, all that possibly could hurt ANYONE.
This is a board on internet larry, if you can't take something stay away and crawl under a stone.

You can say what you want here, as far as i can know your father is alive and kicking, or dead. Do you want a list about the close ones I lost in 51 years?

Jerk he says ..... good luck with your bios, the jerk won't help you further.

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 12:43 am
by Wally
Larry Laffer, nobody knew ur father was dead we are sorry about your loss.

I also lost my grandma due to cancer but I dont brag about it.

Dosraider. That is NOT a good way to start a flamewar.

As for your problem Larry. Dosraiders solution is practical but seeing you have issues with removing the battery I can suggest trying the following method

How do I clear BIOS password?
To clear the CMOS password, you have a put a jumper cap on jumper CPW.
Once this is done, put a jumper cap on CPW pin header, the system will erase the CMOS password on bootup and will normally not ask you again for the password.

(Source: ... x#password)

Also it would help to tell us the brand of the bios too :)

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 4:58 am
by dosraider

If you can't take out the system battery or can't find the appropiate jumpers scroll the whole way down on the paged link.
You can find there progs to retrieve passwords.

Better so Wally?

franpa wrote:another suggestion is to update your BIOS (even if its the same version)

there is a chance that my suggestion will result in a dead computer if the BIOS update fails.
About what Franpa said:
I strongly advise against updating an older bios(486 ....), they are pre-flash, usually you become a stone dead PC. Even if they can be updated it's tricky stuff, you must really know what you are doing, believe me.

yes I know Franpa, as usual you only posted what you think... that's your problem, you think much and know very little.

Sorry Wally

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 8:05 am
by franpa
ok i will stop talking about a computer with the main cpu slower then a pentium 133mhz.

dont worry about it wally im getting used to the crap people say to me on these forums

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:27 pm
by Wally
as for your last comment franpa...

all i have to say is .........................

Dosraider its understandable that we have to put up with some crap that people say which really doesnt help anyone (Sorry franpa, but it might help if you rephrase some of your posts :) )

Dosraider if you use MSN messenger please PM me ur sign in ID

anyhow lets get back on topic

Let us know how it goes Larry

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 6:29 am
by Larry Laffer
Sorry men I should'nt of reacted like that but at that moment... well let's just say i was in a touchy mood and wanted to annoy others.
But anyway I found a password cracker.
Again sorry... :cry: