Help, my Creative Sound Blaser 32 PnP is detected as SB16!

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Help, my Creative Sound Blaser 32 PnP is detected as SB16!

Post by fabiobol »

I have a SB32 PnP from 1996. It's a very big audio card: it has got 2 simm-slots for the MIDI. Anyway, Windows 98SE detects it as a Sound Blaster 16 Plug and Play, but detects also a voice like "SB AWE32 effects". Shoul I use it as a 32-PnP Sound card?
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Post by dosuser »

Well you could try that or download a driver off the net.
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Post by franpa »

the easiest thing i can think of is either get an updated driver from the internet or just use what works for you.
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Post by johpower »

If you still haven't gone anywhere, unplug the PC and make sure the card is properly seated. Or even move it to a different slot. Bad slots happen.... ;)

A 1996 card will be in the Win98 CD driver (CAB) files. Delete the card from "Control Panel\System\Device Manager\Sound...." Then go to "Control Panel\Add Hardware". Try a redetect and if it still says a SB 16, back up and install from the list of devices. The SB 32 should be listed. Select the right device and go. Optionally there maybe a manually installable driver on the Win98 CD in "Drivers\Audio\Creative..." (or ...\Sound Blaster"?) folder.

Of course a newer driver should be online.
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