My new system for DOS GAMES

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My new system for DOS GAMES

Post by fabiobol »

I want to build a computer for the old dos games. I write the configuration that i'm thinking:

Intel Pentium 100
CD rom 8x
Windows 98SE
VGA S3 Trio64V2 2 MB

is this machine sufficient for ALL dos games? Should I get some different-hardware? What chipset, in your opinion, should I choose for using a P100 as best as I can? A 430FX?
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Post by 486 player »

No computer can run all games. (At least without troubles.)

Thou should get a real DOS (5.0-6.22) too. Thine's too fast for some games and under Windows, there isn't sound nor CD without autoexec.bat editin'. (Which still requires proper drivers.)

'The right hardstuff' tells 'em. RAM and CD are ok.
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Post by emmzee »

Yea, I'd say that if you're building it purely for playing old DOS games, you probably shouldn't install Win98 on it. On a machine that slow, with that little RAM, Windows would probably run insanely slow anyways. Pure DOS is best (properly configured of course) to run most DOS games.
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