How old computer thou haft?

Want to talk about your hardware setup? Brag about your super-machine's layout? Pretend you know a lot about computers? You can do all that and more in this forum.

How long have thou used it?

I just bought one.
A year or less.
2-4 y.
Total votes: 27

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How old computer thou haft?

Post by 486 player »

10 years (!) BIOS date's 6. 6. 1992 and I got it in Jul.'96.

'net computer may change, 4y stays! :karate:
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Post by Dogbreath »

It's "How Old a Computer Hast Thou" you nut!

And, had my current one since 2001, though it was made in 1999.
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Post by jmmijo »

Hmm, well, I have a working C64 from about the 1983~84 time frame. A C128 from 1986, a few Amiga 500's from 1987 on, in various states of disrepair, but a couple of functional ones ;)
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Way too much free time
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Post by GameMaster.EXE »

I had my Win95 OSR2 since 1998. The sales person told me if I waited a couple of months Win98 would come out. I should have waited. I guess I went ahead with Win95 because my old Win3.1's CPU burned out and I couldn't live another day without a PC. *sigh.*
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Post by Annorax »

I've had my current machine since I built it in January 2002.

The oldest machine I have is a Commodore 64 from the early 80's.
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Post by CPT Worm »

Mine was assembled last month.
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Post by Roger »

Pentium 1 233 mmx from 1998. It ran, along the years, Win98, Me and 2000.
Now it's only DOS, baby!
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Post by wadeo999 »

My new refurbished ASI Celeron 300 ive had for about 4 weeks but it was made in 1998, and my laptop is nearly as old as me! it was a 486/dx2 66 with 8 mb of ram, i had an external omnitor so it wasnt that bad. :D :laugh:
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Post by AdamN »

My computer I have had for roughly 8 months.
replaced the Windows 98 machine which I originally had.
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Post by Wally »

Mine was assembled 3 months ago
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Post by Ro@m »

1 year,replaced my 10 year old computer.
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Way too much free time
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Post by Amro »

Assembled about 4 years ago, got a new video card about 2 years ago.
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Larry Laffer
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Post by Larry Laffer »

Built 4 years ago, new DVD-RAM, and RAM mems this year!
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Post by pcxt21 »

Allow me a "new guy" to say only one thing

1982 IBM PC XT 10mb HDD

and it lives EGA IBM display and all...

in my room!
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Way too much free time
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Post by Swiftman »

Old thread is ooooooolllllllldddddd

Henyhoo, I have a Gateway Tablet Laptop, 1.7 mhz, 512 RAM [next paycheck I'll get more, maybe], gotten late 2006, and that's for most anything that I want to do, does most anything I want.

If I want some serious DOS gaming done though, I have an IBM Aptiva 486, 66 mhz, 64 mb RAM, circa 1994, and plays any DOS game I want if I try hard enough,
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Post by The_Sinister_Mastermind »

This laptop would be about 3 years old, my desktop would be... hrmmm, 10+ years. As for m DOS machine, Odin only knows. :P
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Post by Howard81 »

I have two IBM 5150's with IBM 5151 green monochrome displays. One has a Hercules card, both have 20MB hardcards.

I also have two IBM 5160 XT's, both with IBM 5153 CGA displays. One is an early model XT with 256kB on the motherboard, an expansion card to 640kB, and a 10MB Seagate ST-412. The other is a late model XT with 640kB on the motherboard, a 20MB WD25 hard drive and IBM 'enchanced' keyboard.

Then there is the Amstrad PC1640 (8MHz XT clone), that has a 30MB hard drive and EGA display.

I like my 8088/8086's :D
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Post by wardrich »

well, the oldest still-running computer in my house is a 1989 Tandy
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Post by dayaccus007 »

Mine was build 3 years ago but I have changed the Graphic card, PSU, the case,I add another 768 DDR and a DVD-RW.
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486 player
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Gaming Demi-god
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Post by 486 player »

It's 15 years old and still workin'. Celebrated with Keen 4, Alley, Islands of dangers and Duke 2. (Best sound)
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