Anyone tested this PCI card with MS-DOS games?

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Anyone tested this PCI card with MS-DOS games?

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I found today this new PCI card on ebay. ... xy69JTAdrf

According to the specifications, it is using a CS4614 chip that would be SB compatible even in MS-DOS real mode. This is interesting, as I have thought it would not be possible to do.

Here is the link to the datasheet:

If this PCI card would work with games like Commander Keen 4, Sierra games etc, then I would be happy to get rid of all old computer and ISA card I currently have.
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I haven't tried it, so I can't say if it's any good.

I note the chip in the photos is not CS4614, but C-media CMI8738/pci-sx, with similar specs. Cirrus Logic/Crystal Semiconductor does not seem to offer their chip anymore.

One thing I see is the suspiciosly empy component locations by the joystick port, comparing with photos of other cards using the same chipset, like Genius Soundmaker Value, these positions are populated.
(There could be internal pullups, but I didn't find the C-media chipset schematics or reference design.) ... no-30.html

late edit:

One more thing I noticed: the seller describes it as a 64bit PCI card, but the connector looks like a 32bit/5V PCI card.
compare e.g.
Better make sure it fits the computer slot you intend to put it in.
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