Best way to rip game and submit to

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Best way to rip game and submit to

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I have an older floppy that is apparently requested widely across the net and an image hasn't been made. What's the best way to rip this and submit it to Simply copying the files - or using a utility to create a 1:1 floppy image? If the latter, what's the best software compatible with WIN7 x64 to achieve this?

I'll be getting a USB floppy in the coming weeks for this project, probably.

What do I do to submit this game to the side? Game in question is Dinosaur Discovery Kit (aka Zug's Dinosaur Discovery Kit.)

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Thanks for taking the time to start this project, and to post on the DOSGames forums :) offers freeware, shareware, demos, and similarly freely distributed games. I've always been wary of posting content on my site that resides in any kind of legal gray zone. I'm not sure who currently holds the copyrights for this game but I would need to ascertain permission from them before posting it. Does anyone REALLY care if this ancient game is made available for free? Probably not, but I've been threatened with lawsuits before, so I'd rather not go the "probably no one cares" route ... :shifty: If the legality of the game is at all in question, it may be best to submit it to a website like HOTU instead who are more open about posting such content.

In terms of the file format, it would probably be best to use whatever most people could easily use; so, while floppy images would in a sense be the most authentic, a normal zip file with a pre-installed version of the game would be most helpful.
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