DOS Laptop Question

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DOS Laptop Question

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This would be my first post and first time visiting these forums, so let me start off by asking what may be a common question.

What are the ideal specs for a DOSBOX? (not to be confused with the software emulator), by this I mean a dos gaming computer... I'm looking at two possible laptop candidates right now and I'm not sure if I should grab either just yet. Perhaps some of the dos guru's can provide some enlightenment to the unenlightened.

Candidate#1 - TOSHIBA PORTEGE 3015CT
Intel PII: 266Mhz
Memory: 32MB EDO DRAM (Upgradeable to 96MB)
Video: NeoMagic (2160) 2MB 32bit
Sound: Yamaha OPL3-SA3 (Supports SoundBlaster Pro v3.01)
Storage: Internal 4GB Hdd

Candidate#2 - ThinkPad 770ED
Intel PII: 266Mhz
Memory: 256MB SDRAM
Video: Trident Cyber9397 2MB or 4MB (unknown which size)
Sound: CS4237B Audio controller
Storage: Internal 9GB Hdd

Which setup would be ideal for DOS games in native DOS and anything that may require Win95 DOS? Opinions? All criticism is welcome!
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Sorry, too tired for this once again, try@
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#1, but:

A. Processor's too fast for many games, so a x86'd be better. (Yep, 2 computers.)
B. Greate max 512 Mb partition to harddisk and install DOS to it.
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