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Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 10:48 am
by Thrall
if you cant play a 4 year old game on a top of the line computer..there is a problem.

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 11:10 am
by Bobo
I just got the game and I run it at full everything. 46 fps avg.

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 12:43 pm
by Thrall
you get the patches? thats prolly why..the patches make it ran better. when it first came out , the 1.0 it ran like ultra crap.

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 2:24 pm
by Kazer0
I don't have any halo patches on my version, I run it over 30 fps on an AMD 1.1ghz + GeForce 4 MX4000 128mb card on medium settings...

Posted: Mon May 03, 2004 7:21 pm
by Thrall sorry..but if you play have the patches because online it auto updates. :D

Posted: Mon May 03, 2004 9:13 pm
by Kazer0
I cant run online. No valid CD key.

Posted: Thu May 06, 2004 12:02 pm
by Thrall
lol..haxxor. :blah:

Posted: Thu May 06, 2004 3:54 pm
by Interon
So some CD keys are invalid? Is this another example of the well-known pirated keys update rejection system (Microsoft already uses a scheme like this - it maintains a list of WKPKs and if you use one of them, a service pack/patch refuses to install)?

Ooh my. :o

Posted: Fri May 07, 2004 11:21 am
by Thrall
Exactly. Basicly the lowest microsoft employees are condemned to find hack sites and copy down the cd keys and put it in a database. If you use it , it wont work. But I heard there is a crack that lets you play ONLY on cracked servers. Sad that there isn't that many cracked servers.

I am going to eventually buy the game to try out the new Halo CE. Which is a Halo Addon for free :laugh:

Posted: Fri May 07, 2004 1:14 pm
by Interon
When I installed a Service Pack for Office 2000, it crashed Office 2000 (Word/Excel started, and automatically quit after about 2 seconds). What a bunch.

That was a few years ago. Since then, I switched to OpenOffice (yeah, I'm a cheapskate, I know).

Posted: Fri May 07, 2004 1:23 pm
by Thrall
No your not! Openoffice is better. Microsoft office sucks compared to open office. Now if microsoft opened its OS with source code it would be so much better. Reason is that other programmers can find bugs and microsoft can tackle them better. It would have to be highly cordinated like Mozilla.