Orda: Severnyi Veter / Horde: The Northern Wind

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I just read the whole interview with Google Translate help as well as comments. Looks very interesting. I was previously searching for articles about Horde which would be written in English but I guess there is much more in Russian.

Anyways, they mentioning that there were created 7639 sprites, so I guess that's where units are :) . If you find that other interview, post it. Thought could be good to collect all info at some point from the web about this game but could be a bit challenging :)
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I wish I kept track of the sources, although admittedly I didn't find a lot of stuff anyway. There wasn't a lot of publicity for this game, it was branded as "Russian Warcraft" and being released in 1999, it was aready quite a bit dated by that time's standards. 7th Bit Labs dissolved soon after the release of Horde II, and its successor Antitank developed one title, Talisman (an RPG in a medieval fantasy setting based on Slavic folklore), and then also shut down as far as I know.

That is to say, there wasn't enough interest in Horde in the first place to generate a lot of interviews of other materials like that.
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Maybe you can find good sounds here https://www.lucidsamples.com/free-sampl ... -pack.html
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