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i've got a toshiba 220cs satellite, works wonder with old stuff :)
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IBM Thinkpad 770X works great

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Hey all. I know this thread hasn't been touched in a while, but I just went through this exercise over the last couple of weeks and came up with a winner: an IBM Thinkpad 770x. I've got Dos 6.22/WFW 31, Win98 and WinXP running on the system for all of my legacy games (with no third-party boot manager either. Woohoo!)

For me, audio was always my biggest problem. The I found that a Thinkpad 770x had standard "sound blaster" settings (IRQ 5, I/O 220 and DMA 0/1). My DOS games/demos could find it easily. I fired up Doom on the game side and the TRAN demos on the demo side. All of them worked great and the IBM's screen even attempted the weird video mode of the later TRAN demo. The 770z is nearly identical, but with a faster processor. I *believe* that the earlier models (770, 770e, 770ed) should work as easily though I can't say for a fact.
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