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I think this game is An A+ Good Features about It Would Be

1. Sixteen levels

2. Multiplayer

3. Fun Game!

For all of those who haven't tried the game... you could get it right here

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Volfied is a very challenging game.

Plot-6 out of ten

Gameplay-9 out of ten.

Graphics- 8 out of ten
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this is sooo much of a weak review I'd almost mistake it for crappy advertising...

Code: Select all

--> Why do I want this game?

--> How are the graphics?
        --> What is the max rez?
        --> What is the max colour depth?
        --> 2D or 3D?

--> Is there sound?
        --> Midi or waves?
        --> Background music?
        --> Lots of sound?

--> What genre is it?

--> What do you do it it?
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1. Story/idea?
2. Technical specialities?
3. Why is it good/bad?
4. What did it feel like?
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teşekkürler :devil:

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aguente volfied :P :thumbsup:
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