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Sable Drakon's Review of "Tyrian"

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2002 2:30 pm
by sabledrakon
Well... I've finally played Tyrian. I've heard that it's supposed to be similar to "Raptor: Call of the Shadows"... Well, they were a little wrong, it's nothing like it. I've beaten it about 3 times already and I still keep coming back.. The reason is because of all the "Super Arcade" modes... Here's my rating:

<P>Graphics: 9 <P>Gameplay: 10 (Really nice weapon buying system) <P>Replayability: 10 <P>Overall: 9.9 :)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2002 6:11 pm
by Kazer0
I think its cool too! There is a new version that works under windows, its called tyrian 2000. Its not different, except it comes with a ship creator tool.

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2002 6:17 pm
by John The Ax
Oh, there is? Cool!

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2002 6:22 pm
by Kazer0
Ya, and how do u become a moderator, and what do u do?

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2002 7:11 pm
by John The Ax
Uh, I was respected enough on the old board to be reccomended by Dogbreath to be a moderator. I make sure that there are no obscene things here, no abandonware or warez, basically I'm a police officer.

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2002 11:37 pm
by lakerzz8
the average wouldnt be 9.9 from those three score just so you know...i think it would be 9.6 or 9.7

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2002 11:49 pm
by Da_Goat
I thought Tyrian 2000 was a sequel, not just a Windows version.

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 2:16 pm
by John The Ax
It is just a windows version, people. Calm down.

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:08 pm
by sabledrakon
where can you get it? if there is a SW version available...


Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:10 pm
by Kazer0
You canmt get the full version. you can probablyfind it on e-bay. I might contact the people whu made it to tell them it should be freeware

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2002 6:32 am
by sabledrakon
That'd be great... I hate paying out cash for video games anyway... Howlong do you think it will take you to do it?

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2002 2:35 pm
by Kazer0
Im not quite sure, i need to find the company that made it. I doubt ill ever get the reply anyways, but its worth a try.

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2003 6:46 pm
by Crono2985
The origional Tyrian was made by Epic Megagames. I've seen the full version around with working links, but I can't remember any of them off hand :P

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 10:25 am
by guest
tyrian 2000 was made by xsiv and eclipse

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 7:20 am
by Mad Danny
Tyrian 2000 includes new super arcade modes and a fifth episode. It also only seems to work properly under Win95 or sometimes 98 (with sound issues) so your best way to play is either on an old P1/2 or 486 or on a fast system with something like DOSBox (I have no idea how the XP compatibility modes treat the game)

meanwhile the original author released it as freeware so just check a site like for the download link

Experiences from 2000 edition

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 5:09 am
by 486 player
Before arjin' I took subdirectories off and tested it under Win 98. It worked just once like the original and it has same system requirements, so it's a hard core DOS game in 2nd worst sort. Of coure I could install IE 3.0 but what does it makes sence if thou've no internet connection?

Episode 5 has only 10 levels and most o' 'em are 'select either 1 or 2's. But they are in very abstract places. New musics aren't good. Skill is near Botany B.

Other additons to Epic release are new strange and underpowered ships. Also Some boss ships are changed. (Dreadhnot's more 'fixed' now.) But bugs are unfixed.

Anyway, everyone who likes shoot 'em ups MUST get it! As good one cannot been get even by money.