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Jill of the Jungle

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 10:11 am
by 486 player
Developer: Epic Megagames
Minimum: 8086, 512 kB Conventional, DOS 3.0
Recommended:286, hard disk
Space: 1,25 MB+some for temp
Sound: Sound Blaster and compatibles, Beeper
Control: Keyboard, joystick
Published in: 1992
Price: $19

In the competition between Apogee and Epic, the latter gave up and the former's games were usually better, altough a platform Jill of the Jungle levels grades, in many cases.

In the map level some levels are blocked by gems, which are taken from there, as well as apples for health, keys and jump longeners. Some easy lever puzzles makes levels more interesting. As a hittin' to enemy hurts, Jill can throw 2 weapons and use another 2 to destroy 'em. In some levels she can transform to an animal, but the 3rd form should be left to
the registered version. There's 1 thing in the game I hate: kamikaze frogs. Those like enemies belongs to shooters, not platforms as Elf Land proves.

Game's fast, what fits to it like a glove. Levels numbers to 16, but in fact there there are 13 o' 'em (not countin' map). And because they're (almost) suitable short, the game's played quickly (in 2 parts). I want to play the endin' sequence!

The playablity's perfect. Difficulty's low enough and when thou restart, everything thou got or killed is done. Free save's too much for shareware version, but I don't know 'bout registered. Jill catches climpeables too readily, though.

Altough it at first dimly MAY look so, the game DOES NOT have any form or reference to porn or sex. Jill of the jungle is just a game, not adult entertaiment: all attention's paid to gaming aspects. Switchin' to EGA smooths shapes almost entirely, so the game's suitable for kids. Even those hysterics, who got mad at Janet Jackson, should be happy.

VGA colors are awfull, but EGA rocks. In VGA, there's shoddily drawn Jill's face on left panel. There isn't so small monitor
where it'd look good. 93

On average, the music's better than in any other game. There's no any weak or boring one! Except when one starts playin,
eardrums are rippin' away: it plays louder than effects. 2 are good and the rest has some punch too. 86

And the effects? I'm not a sadist, but the dyin' scream's the best so far and other SB sounds ain't bad either. 82

But the Beeper... Yeah, some are quite listenable, but there are also long and horrible catches especially when enterin'
a level. 33

Makers had got every part o' whole to work excellently together. With more and a bit longer levels it'd got 4 points more.
Even the game's too expensive, it's worth o' every cent. The best Epic game ever!


Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:59 pm
by NightC
WOW havent heard that name in a LONG LONG time. Good game.