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Post by emmzee »

Cut'n'pasted from the front page:
Seven snazzy new games added to the site. As usual, I've tried to include a good mix of the old and the new, known and the unknown: Black Orb, Chasm: The Rift, Chickie Egg, DarkPhear, Elite, Seek and Destroy and The Simpsons Tetris 2. Read about 'em, then download and play 'em for yourself, all for free, by visiting the <a href="">Newest Additions</a> page. Enjoy! And don't forget to visit <a href=""></a> for free online classic arcade games. ;)
Lemmie know of any mistakes ... newsletter will prolly go out tomorrow. Thanks all B)
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Post by Interon 2.0 »

I proofread it with sharp focus and I couldn't find any mistakes at all. :)
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Post by wardrich »

The Simpsons Tetris 2 link doesn't work.


Also: Chasm isn't a direct-link, it takes you to the 3D gamers site, and DarkPhear also takes you to the homepage of the game.

Those two are just minor notes, I'm guessing the sites don't allow hyperlinking.
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Post by Da_Goat »

You know, I just noticed you put a new banner on the front page. Good job on that.
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