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Finish the sentence: The latest games added to ...

... are awesome classics. More like this!
... are okay but I'm not very interested in 'em.
... suck monkey balls! Get better games you lunkhead!
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... r teh suk & ZOMg mY k3YBORD iiis vbroknm!!!!!!!1111111
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Post by emmzee »

Woo an update:
Added 8 new games. In alphabetical order they are: <b>Duck Hunt </b>(not the Nintendo game)<b>, Dungeon Thief, Fire Fighter, Joe Snow 1 & 2, Lawn Mower, Oxyd, Threat, and Zyll</b>. <a href="">Download the new games here</a>. Also, note that is precariously near to the 500 games mark; there are now <a href="">492 games</a> on the site! :)
Pls lemme know if I screwed anything up. Thankees. :angel: Also, vote in the poll.
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Post by wardrich »

HOLY CRAP!! I remember playing Lawn Mower back in grade like... 5 or 6. It came on one of those 7 demo CDs that I bought for like $7.00 or something. lol.

Oxyd was on one of those CDs too...

And Joe Snow 1 & 2. I thought I dreamed up those ones... Actually, I think my sister had like 1-4 or something like that on a shareware CD I got somewhere.

For the most part, they're awesome classics... but I'm not really interested in them. lol. I never really was much of a fan of 90% of those text-based games.

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Post by abyss »

I like the added games and although i don't really like joe snow,zyll,threat and oxyd i really like the added ansi games and i am glad someone is paying attention to ansi.
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Post by Larry Laffer »

Meh, they are ok, but then again, I don't play DOS games that much recently!
abyss wrote:I don't even know if starcraft 1 was a windows or dos games.

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