SLEUTH dos game

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SLEUTH dos game

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so now that you know what im refering to.......... play this game a little, how do you tell what room the murder was comitted in??

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awww no one knows, or even cares to respond... for those of you who do know what game i am talking about... i think i have it figured out. when you are walking around investigating the house and stuff, pay really close attention to what people say when they are questioned. okay so... you enter a room and it gives you a description of the room and what the person in the room is doing (assuming there is a person)... if the person is looking at the floor and/or when questioned it says "victoria looks up from the floor and says,'blah blah...'" then thats a good sign the murder took place in that room.... however, if its the killer who was looking at the floor or who looked up from the floor it doesnt count.

good luck... this has worked for me 2 out of 3 times i've tried it.

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When I downloaded that game some time ago, there was a readme file that included all the commands. You offcourse, have read that?
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Here's a fairly good strategy for winning the game:
1. Find the magnifine glass (obvious) - BUT DON'T ASK ANYONE ANYTHING!
2. "Examine Floor" in each room until you find out which room it is.
3. Go around asking people as normal (you might want to write everything down - where they where)
Here is why it works:
When ever you ask someone something, the murderer 'knows' (its in the programming). If you ask a key person who contradicts the murderers alibi, the murderer becomes suspicious - even if you haven't talked to anyone else. IT IS ALOT OF CHANCE! Also, you need to find the magnifine glass early on in the game, because no matter what you do after about 500 - 600 moves or so the murderer will stalk you.
Also, if you aren't sure about someone but they don't kill you when you are being stalked, you know it isn't them.
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Though this is kinda' on-topic, but next time be a chum and check the dates before you post :rolleyes:
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