site update September 30: 500 Games!!!

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Way too much free time
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Post by Joris »

Hi everyone!

No, I did not add 500 games. It's the total gamecount. I added 30 games to the database of games. All of them were reviewed by Jay, who reviewed a total of 238 games for DOS Games Online. Good work Jay! You can find the games I added here.

The gamecount of 500 games means that there will be a short break in adding games. It will be continued in a couple of weeks, months maybe. There are some technical parts of the site which still need to be developped and edited so they will work. The break is also ment to give us the time to get more motivated again.

I also set another game as Game Tip: NHL Hockey. It's a nice game made by Electronic Arts, so I think you will enjoy this game if you like hockey/ice hockey/sports simulation.

- Joris

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Post by emmzee »

Congrats Joris, that's a lot of games! :o
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Post by Ro@m »

Ho,congrats jorris!!! :bday: :bday: :bday:

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Post by Santhosh CHRiS »

Yay, well done Joris! Go for the thousand games next!! :)

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