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Essential Utilities

DOSBox    DOSBox Crew
DOS Emulator - Runs some DOS games better than Windows
Want an easy way to run some DOS games in Windows better than Windows does? Try DOSBox. It works in Win95, 98, and ME, but is probably more helpful for Windows XP/2000 users who don't have a "real" version of DOS on their machines, DOSBox is a DOS emulator, meaning it simulates DOS on your computer. (Similarly to Microsoft's "Command Prompt", but better.) It includes SoundBlaster support, and is constanly being improved to work with more games. If a game doesn't work in WinXP, try running it in DOSBox instead! (Also try VDMSound, listed below!)
[Download] Select your OS (probably "Windows") to download DOSBox (Approx 1.2MB)

PKUnzip    PKWare
Uncompression Tool
All files listed in the DOS games page are zipped. You'll need to unzip them in order to play them. The easiest way to do this in MS-DOS mode is to use PKunzip. (However, get WinZip instead if you aren't comfortable with using the DOS prompt.) Read the included DOCs to learn how to use this program. For more info, check the FAQ. (Of course, you should use WinZIP instead if you're running Win95/98!)
[Download] Click here to download PKUnzip (197k)

Moslo    David Perrell
Slow-down Tool
Ever downloaded a neat looking game, only to find that it runs too dang fast on your speedy Pentium machine? This little program is your answer. When you use it to run a game, it slows it down to a playable level. (You can set how slow the game will run.) It's a great solution to this problem.
[Download] Click here to download Moslo (bottom of the page)

CuteMouse    Arkady V. Belousov
DOS Mouse Driver
A universal mouse driver for DOS. If you do not have mouse support in DOS, use this program. It will work with most mice, including PS/2 and serial mice, but not USB.
[Download] Click here to download CuteMouse (241k)

VDMSound    Vlad Romascanu
DOS Soundblaster Emulator for Windows NT/2000/XP
If you are running Windows NT/2000/XP and would like to have sound in your DOS applications, VDMSound is a Soundblaster emulator which will allow you to do just that! Download it and give it a try. (The file is a .msi which is a Microsoft self-installation file.) I have had decent results with this program. (Note: This program works ONLY with Windows NT/2000/XP!)
[Download] Click here to download VDMSound (955k)

Arachne    Michael Polak
Web Browser
Arachne is really cool ... it's a full-featured web browser for DOS! You can run it on any DOS machine, you don't need Windows at all to browse the web. However, although it's definitely cool, it's probably not for newbies! If you'd still like to try it out (or would like more information), visit the Arachne website below.
[Download] Click here to visit the Arachne website

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