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Originally known as "Potomac Computer Systems", Epic Megagames got its start when Tim Sweeney developed and published ZZT, a game creation system. They went on to develop and publish numerous popular shareware titles, such as Jill of the Jungle, Jazz Jackrabbit, Tyrian, Ken's Labyrinth, and One Must Fall: 2097. Later they would create the popular Unreal series and the Unreal engine which powers many modern 3D games.

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Games developed and/or published by Epic Megagames

Tyrian (1995)
Robbo (1994)
Xargon (1994)
Brix (1993)
Heartlight (1993)
Zone 66 (1993)
Overkill (1992)
Super ZZT (1992)
ZZT (1991)

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