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  Topic: What's up crew?

Replies: 91
Views: 42748

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 1:18 pm   Subject: What's up crew?
  Topic: What Books are you currently reading?

Replies: 74
Views: 83822

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 1:49 am   Subject: What Books are you currently reading?
Hamlet isn't too hard to understand once you realize that Hamlet's sanity = not so much.

Also reading at 3 AM isn't a good idea. Just sit down and read it all at once, it's not that long.

Anywa ...
  Topic: Terry Pratchett - Discworld

Replies: 2
Views: 7893

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 6:11 pm   Subject: Terry Pratchett - Discworld
I've read the first three, I must get around to the rest.

They are indeed quite good, though I'm more of a Xanth person when it comes to silly fantasy.
  Topic: The Mafia Bros.

Replies: 28
Views: 48881

PostForum: Laughing Games Studios   Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 6:08 pm   Subject: The Mafia Bros.
Steve Chris' cartoons look... less than professional... at best. Seriously, they aren't that funny and the animation quality looks like it's done by a 15 year old. If you don't think your cartoon is ...
  Topic: Portable Gaming

Replies: 42
Views: 29498

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:00 pm   Subject: Portable Gaming
I have a DS and love it.
  Topic: Sierra re-releases (Quest compilations)

Replies: 13
Views: 11623

PostForum: General Gaming   Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:59 pm   Subject: Sierra re-releases (Quest compilations)
  Topic: Where do you dwell?

Replies: 26
Views: 23052

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 1:49 pm   Subject: Where do you dwell?
I'm currently at college in West Hartford, CT, USA. For vacations I go home to Warwick, NY.
  Topic: devils rejects

Replies: 6
Views: 7079

PostForum: Media, Entertainment, & Music   Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 1:47 pm   Subject: devils rejects
Honestly, Rob Zombie's music is pretty cool but he should never have tried to write a movie script. House of 1000 Corpses was just like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Devil's Rejects was even more bor ...
  Topic: Rare Pictures

Replies: 18
Views: 13037

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 1:45 pm   Subject: Re: Rare Pictures
i am looking for lord of the rings picture

[url=]Google is your friend
  Topic: How old are you???

Replies: 15
Views: 13604

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 1:43 pm   Subject: How old are you???
I'm 19 and I'm still not an adult. :p
I'm suprised that there are so many young DOS gamers. They stopped making DOS games about 10 years ago and I don't know how five year-olds knew the commands to ...
  Topic: Anyone read the silmarillion by J, Tolkien?

Replies: 29
Views: 39128

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2005 6:21 pm   Subject: Anyone read the silmarillion by J, Tolkien?
You may want to let it inspire you to use proper capitalization and punctuation. Tbbbbbth!
  Topic: Anyone read the silmarillion by J, Tolkien?

Replies: 29
Views: 39128

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2005 8:01 pm   Subject: Anyone read the silmarillion by J, Tolkien?
No but I know someone who's obsessed with it. I'm suprised you're reading it, you don't seem like the type since it's supposed to be like reading an encyclopedia.
  Topic: Crystal Caves interview

Replies: 11
Views: 13243

PostForum: General Gaming   Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 12:37 am   Subject: Crystal Caves interview
I would like to know his thoughts on the current state of the games industry and modern video games.

"Will you ever release Crystal Caves as freeware now that it is out of date? Some people may lik ...
  Topic: did anyone see wedding crashers yet?

Replies: 19
Views: 15121

PostForum: Media, Entertainment, & Music   Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 12:35 am   Subject: did anyone see wedding crashers yet?
I've seen a good part of it. It looks pretty good, as long as you like light comedies.
  Topic: Famous Irish Tenor

Replies: 3
Views: 4849

PostForum: Media, Entertainment, & Music   Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2005 9:44 pm   Subject: Famous Irish Tenor
I haven't heard of him. I'm not a fan of vocalists. From what I heard on his site he does seem to be very talented though.

lol..... NO. I only like Irish people because of their funny accents, n ...
  Topic: Portable Consoles???

Replies: 97
Views: 51435

PostForum: General Off-Topic   Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 5:19 pm   Subject: Portable Consoles???
Zelda's a Nintendo liscense, so it'll only be coming out for DS. One has been announced, I believe, but nothing is really known about it.

I have a DS and love it. I have Feel the Magic xx/xy, Kir ...
  Topic: gta: San Andreas

Replies: 10
Views: 8057

PostForum: Media, Entertainment, & Music   Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 7:07 pm   Subject: gta: San Andreas
The real problem is that games that are completly ok, like Unreal Tournament, are also given the M rating. With an AO, parents may start to realize that these games are not suitable for children, whi ...
  Topic: The Lion King

Replies: 7
Views: 7904

PostForum: Media, Entertainment, & Music   Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 11:17 pm   Subject: The Lion King
Who hasn't seen it?
I'm not a particular fan though, I have much animosity towards Disney.

I do like my cinema professor's analysis though. He said that the point was "If you're going to be gay, ...

Replies: 22
Views: 18080

PostForum: Media, Entertainment, & Music   Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 11:15 pm   Subject: VHS VERSUS DVD
If the scratch isn't too deep you can use a resurfacing (ie Disc Doctor) kit to fix it.
  Topic: The Dopefish: once a cultural icon?

Replies: 5
Views: 5959

PostForum: General Gaming   Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 11:13 pm   Subject: The Dopefish: once a cultural icon?
The what? I've never heard of it. Tbbbbbth!
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