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Coldwar [old review found]

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:39 pm     Post subject: Coldwar [old review found] Reply with quote

Forgot also I've wrote this one, darned, my memory is fading ......

Cold War PC

Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive
Developer: Mindware
Release date: 27 september 2005
Platform : PC, Xbox.
Third person view.
Genre: Tactical action
Recommended system requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/ XP
P4 2.4 GHz
512 MB RAM
HD 1.5 GB available
CDDrive: 8X
Video: nVidia GeForce FX 5700 / ATI Radeon 9600 or better ATI or nVidia
video card with 128MB video memory
DX 9.0c
Input: Windows Compatible Keyboard and Mouse

The story brings us back to the USSR right in the middle of the cold war years, to be precise in 1986. There seems to be a meeting arranged between a CIA agent and the president of the Soviet Union somewhere near Lenin's tomb. Receiving a hot tip and smelling a Pulitzer price, an investigative American reporter, Matthew Carter, will try to witness this encounter. He gets caught in a power struggle between the president and the KGB. The KGB accuses him of espionage and being an assassin working for the CIA. At first you get away, but soon are imprisoned in the notorious Lubyanka prison, mainly a political prison. From then things goes from bad to worst, you are supposed to do lot's of stuff, some kind of mixture between Splintercell and MacGyver. You, the player, are of course Matthew Carter.

Even if the story is well written, I couldn't avoid feeling a bit sceptical regarding this whole plot. But it's a game, so I let it be for what it's worth. I had more problems with the controls, a bit weird and it took too much time to get accustomed to them. The peer function, the walk forward movement mixed with the third person view is disturbing, not very accurate. I don't like this kind of multiple combined functions, you peer left or right and walk straight ahead, looking at yourself from behind, weird effect. I have tried several key mappings, but none fits my fingers very good, oh well, it's probably my fingers that are rusted on all the Quake's, Unreal's, HL's or Doom's settings.

The game can be played in different modes:
Story: means normal mode.
Time Run: you must finish each level before the allowed time runs out.
Pacifist: finish each level without killing anyone.
Ghost: finish each level without causing too many alarms.
Before playing the game in time run, pacifist or ghost mode, you will have to learn how to play this game, this is best done in story mode. I would strongly advise finishing the game in story mode before attempting playing in one of the other modes, this isn't an easy game. The learning curve is pronounced. It is astonishing what you can find lying around you that is usable to invent weapons and helping stuff. Luckily you don't has to be a genius, the plans for creation of those gadgets are included in the scenario.

Many game aids are build in, stealth meter who gives you indication of the noise you make and the risk being spotted by the guards or opponents. A battery gauge, health gauge and enemy alert level, holster square that shows the item ready for direct use.
You can open different windows, map with the hotspots, doors and whatnot, inventory window, and the technical window, filled with stuff and hints to create your custom weapons. Creating technical marvels using the designs you can gather throughout the whole game, name it and you can do it, if you have gathered enough tech points. MacGyver is a sucker compared to you.

The graphics are good, really good. Screen resolution from 640x480 up to 1600x1200. Even in the highest resolutions the game runs fluid, if your PC matches the recommended system requirements. The maps are well done, pretty huge and have a logical structure, you can scout around if you wish. The weather effects are good-looking and well done. Cutscenes provides valuable tips whom helps you find your way in the game. Sounds are furfilling their purpose and are good.

Time to set the score for this Cold War.
Gameplay: B+
Graphics: A
Story: B+
Multiplayer: No.
Replayability: F (see starforce shit below)

To conclude:
Final grade:B+

Whoops, again one thing, a not so nice one, to mention:

Starforce protection.
Even if I can accept and fully understand that the developers / publishers want to defeat the games piracy, I can NOT accept they install applications who resembles malware / spyware. There exist other ways to avoid piracy, the difference is that those other ways are more costly than this starforce. I consider starforce being malware, installing itself deeply in my OS system files. Oh yeah, I know, the starforce developers has stated that they deliver a complete uninstall for their protection system.
Reminds me of some rootkit, Sony wasn't it? Since we all know what those statements are worth, meaning they are utterly crap and not trustworthy.
Fact is: after reviewing this game I will erase my Xp partition and put my system backup back, bye starforce.

I will not acquire / install or review another game that uses this shit. Screw you.

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