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C&C Renegade [old review found]

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 3:57 pm     Post subject: C&C Renegade [old review found] Reply with quote

Found another old review I wrote for that ol'defunct AW site...

Command&Conquer: Renegade

*** *** *** *** *** ***
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc. EA.
Developer: Westwood Studios.
Platform: Windows.
Released: 26-02-2002
Genre: shooter, arcade, future, sci-fi.
First person / third person view.
*** *** *** *** *** ***
ESRB: 13+, TEEN,Blood, Violence.
PEGI: not rated
*** *** *** *** *** ***
System Requirements:
PII 450
128 MB
32 MB
Multiplayer: 64 max.
Broadband, LAN.
*** *** *** *** *** ***
I dislike third person shooters, I love first person shooters, I like some RTS (real_time_strategie) games, C&C (Command&Conquer) was always one of my favorite RTS. One of my mates had this C&C Renegade, never tried it till now, so I borrowed the game and gave it a shot.


Where is the careful terrain scouting? Nope, nada, gone with the wind.
Where is the building up your units? Nope, nada, gone with the wind.
Where is the meticulously preserving your resources? Nope, nada, gone with the wind.
Where is the good Tiberian storyline? Nope, nada, gone with the wind.
Where is the tremendous gameplay. Nope, nada, gone with the wind.
Where is everything that made the C&C games? Nope, nada, gone with the wind.
They really screwed up this time. They fucked us. Bastards.

The story begins in a canyon, some GDI (united Nations Global Defense Initiative) troops are sightseeing there, they get a feeling it is a bit quiet, and yes, big surprise, the notorious Brotherhood of NOD is ambushing them, the GDI are in trouble, outnumbered and they call for help.
The helping hand is dropped on spot by helicopter, you are the helping hand, a commando, sorry, THE commando. Do you feel it coming? As I trying to say that this game is one of the so many mindless_inanimated shoot_em_up-beat_em_up crap? Yes, that's what I 'm stating here. Your name is Nick Carter, AKA as HAVOC, you aren't a one-man army, you are a one-man super_trained destruction machine, and Robocop is a sucker compared to you. And I'm a sucker playing this crap.

It is unbelievable that they have created a great game engine and made such crap game. Yes, the game engine is pretty good, screen resolution up to 1600x1200, running fluid and flawless on a AMD 3500+ PC with a GeForce 128 MB video card, 19" CRT, neat effects and lightning's. Good outdoor and indoor sceneries. And yes, this whole game is crap.

Crap because you will finish single player in less than 8 hours in easy setting, if you need more time or even die ONCE you're a looser and better play some strip poker. In easy mode: go ahead, shoot and keep on shooting all you have to or can shoot, plenty goodies, armament, ammo, health and armor to find laying around. GDI tanks are almost indestructible, you can swallow ridicule amounts of hits, on the other hand killing the NOD forces is easy, destroying NOD armored vehicles or helicopters, whatever, is only a matter of one or two good aimed shots.

Crap because even in the hard setting this game is no challenge whatsoever, maybe you will have to use the sniper gun a bit more than in easy mode, big deal.

Storyline? What where who storyline? Some egg-heads are abducted, you will have to rescue them. Whist you are on the road do some destruction job, erase some NOD bases, drive some GDI tanks, humvee's or other stuff around in top view whilst shooting as a madman. The story line is extremely narrow, not much freedom or fooling around. Some levels are totally restricted, you are on a winding road, wheeling between some stupid high borders cleaning up the NOD emplacements.
Other levels are more gigantesque mazes, elevator in elevator out, destroy the hand of NOD, cut power, disable NOD obelisk, destroy power plant, sneak in cargo plane, help the Dead-6 secret cadre, pffffff, no soul, no nothing, no fun.

The pathetic attempts to bring some form of humor in this game with the macho replays from Havoc only made me groan in despair. Boooooooooring. Where is Duke Nukem when I need him?

Multiplayer is a bit better, but alas only a tiny bit. The missions are too short, again no gameplay that's worth mentioning, worthless and soon becomes boring.

Where is my fucking shotgun? A fps or even third person view shoot em up and no shotgun. What a suckers. Me crying out loud.

This must be the only game that made me think that tombraider wasn't so bad after all, congratulations.

The good:
I am the luckily non-owner of this game.
Brilliant game engine for the year 2002.

The bad:
The whole game.
To bad even for a shooting gallery.

Nihil, nada, too stupid game to even consider installing it again.

Gameplay: D
Story: C
Tech details: A
All round: C

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