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Reviews I wrote some time ago on my old site.

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Lachie Dazdarian

Joined: 08 Nov 2002
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Location: Croatia

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2002 6:12 am     Post subject: Reviews I wrote some time ago on my old site. Reply with quote

This site is currently abandoned and you don't need to know it's URL.I hosted and reviewed like 20 abandonware games there.Some pretty rare.

I'll post few reviews here.

Another World:

Probably one of the best arcade-adventure games ever.Another World is simply a masterpiece.

Everything about this game amazes.Sounds are awesome(even on PC speaker) and graphic is atmospheric and dreamlike.

You are in the role of Lester,a young scientist who finds himself in dangerous alien world after experiment accident.Lester's moves are fluid and nicely animated in poligonal graphic.You'll enjoy as you guide him throught beautifully drawed and designed scenes. Other great aspect of Another World are storyline animations.The intro animation is carfully writted and designed piece of work that can ashame hundrets of animations that appeared in games after.There is also one more animation in Another World that is something really special.It's the scene when Lester looks upon the alien city throught tower lookout opening after he escapes from prison.You'll repeat it several times.

As a great mixture of action and adventure Another World is something that every collector and sympathizer of old games must hav'.It's your faith to download and fallinlove in Another World.

4D Sports - Boxing :

4D SPORTS BOXING is a boxing simulation game by DSI,same group who created the famous 4D SPORTS DRIVING.

Althought not as famous as 4D S.D.,4D SPORTS BOXING is equally addictive and fun.

As a boxing simulator this game offers many options to player.Most interesting of these options is fighter creation.This allows you to choose you fighter's height and weight,beginning values of of speed,power and stamina,head(14 available),color of jersey and trunks and you deside will your fighter be left or right-handed.You can have up to 10 custom fighters saved.

After you create your fighter you can try him out in exhibition or go straight to main event. In main event there are 50 boxers in the same weight category as your figher.They have funny names like Sadie Mazo-Chislom or Ivan Orrible Attitude. Before every match you manage the progress of stamina,power and speed.Higher stamina gives higher resistance to opponents punches,power effects on the streinght of your attacks and speed represents overall quickness and agility.It is recommended not to disregard any of characteristics too much.

What makes this games so exciting are easy controls and nice vector animation.You have nine kinds of punches,three defense positions and several special moves like head shaking,taunting or waving your arms when your opponent is on the floor.They don't have an important effect on the fight itself but they give a nice touch to overall impression and atmosphere. Match can develop in different ways,sometimes your opponent will be a real sissy,other times he will be a tough cookie and there are situations where you'll have to defend the advantage gained in the first round.Best tactic is to fight with combinations of right and left hand and not to be too agressive if the opponent is stronger.

During the fight you can choose different points of view and special first person view which is kinda jerky but it can be fun esspecialy when you see different facial expressions of other boxer.

I really enjoyed in this game,it's friendly interface,smooth vector animation and figher's cool look with those pointy vector heads which make the game both enjoyable to watch a play. I recommend it to everyone,especially boxing fans since it gives more than one day fun.

Conquest Of Camelot :

I had one of the best times playing this game.It's a rather personal experience.COC is and oldish adventure game where you guide King Arthur in the search for the Holy Grail.

You write in commands in this game(parser) which makes it a harder adventure game.COC also features arcade elements.

What is great about this game is the world you are in.The adventure will take you from Camelot far away to Jerusalem.Very immersive story.

For me this game holds a special place since i finished it without the manual which is,many say,impossible,Anyway i added a help file so you won't have problems with that parts of game.Enjoy.

This is a must have for every adventurer!

There is more...but maybe later.
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486 player
Gaming Demi-god
Gaming Demi-god

Joined: 18 Sep 2002
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2002 6:22 am     Post subject: Reply with quote

If those games wilt be ever added onto t'is site, thy reviews would bee voted too.
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