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80/90's point-and-click toddler game [Gus goes to Cybertown]

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:24 pm     Post subject: 80/90's point-and-click toddler game [Gus goes to Cybertown] Reply with quote

Hi, I'm looking for a game that I remember playing alongside titles like Treasure Mountain and Mickey 123's Surprise Birthday party, so I'm assuming it was DOS but it could have been from a floppy. I think it was old enough to be 80's but could definitely be 90's, I was born just at the turn of the decade so I would've been playing these from about 1992-5 or so. The point seemed to be toddler education, since it was mostly about identifying things, but I don't remember it teaching anything useful and if anything it was mostly comedic and entertaining.

It was set in some kind of city with people who defined themselves as monsters or ghosts or something unusual (if I remember right it was worked into the title, something "tropolis" or "city"). At the center of the city square was the statue of a pink girl with a yellow shirt who'd been frozen into a statue (there may have been an animation that explained why). She had gravity-defying troll hair with yellow streaks iirc, and as you played through the locations she'd slowly come back to life, piece by piece. There was also a green boy character in a red shirt and I think like a robot character of some sort, but that's all I remember about those. There was definitely a main guide character of some sort introducing you to the city but I don't remember him at all, only that he gave instructions on reviving Whatsername, and you beat the game once that was done. The characters were voice acted but I don't think the pink girl ever spoke.

The locations included a post office, a library, a subway, and an aquarium, always with punchy ridiculous songs when you clicked on them ("Post office post office P-Ohhh post office!"). There were probably more locations but I don't remember. I don't remember the object of the game either, only that when you clicked on different things (like a beanbag in the library) they'd make sounds or do ridiculous things. Pretty sure there was a mailbox in the post office that would cook a cake or a turkey or other dishes at random when you clicked on it.

If I remember right as well, the main menu was a splash screen and you played the game by selecting "go to [whatevertropolis/whatever city]", so there may have been other features involved that I didn't explore.

EDIT: I don't think there was a UI, but there may have been items to refer back through a submenu. The graphics were 2D and very animated in full color, and each of the locations took you to one specific screen, there was no scrolling or moving around.

Thanks in advance for any information! I've peeled through a lot of DOS and booter lists looking for keywords, so I could totally be off about the title.

EDIT #2: NVM I somehow found it, it's called Gus Goes to Cybertown. Wow that's way less dire of a plot than I thought it was.
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