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Theme Hospital sound error DOSBox 0.74 and 0.73 (Win7)

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:35 pm     Post subject: Theme Hospital sound error DOSBox 0.74 and 0.73 (Win7) Reply with quote

Alright - I've scoured through these forums and I DID find a thread on this problem, however it was pretty old and the same issue which occured and was trying to be treated in it, was at the time being run in XP.

There also didn't seem to be a final solution posted in the thread, so I will with as much detail as possible try to describe the problem here:
(bear with me - I am technologically handicapped...)

I run 64-bit Win7
I have both version 0.73 and the latest 0.74 of DOSbox
I downloaded a freeware .zip of Theme Hospital from this link:
[url]http://www. no you don't post warez links here, next time I will wipe your post-topic [/url]

I saved my unzipped folder "Theme Hospital" into my "D:" drive, and into a folder here called "DOSGAMES".

The location of the gamefolder is now:

D:\DOSGAMES\Theme Hospital

Hereafter I did the following in both versions of DOSbox, following the exact same procedure:
(open DOSBox!)

Z:\>mount D D:\DOSGAMES





...(Now I had already opened the game obviously, seeing as I didn't know about the missing sound in the game. But as there was no music nor audio in the game, I closed it and google'd the living daylight out of the web. Here I was told various places to open the .bat file called SETSOUND and setup my sound for both music and audio...

This was where the mofo problem occured, which everybody gets!

I had successfully installed the music and audio and now clicked "done" in the SETSOUND config window. This leads me to the horrifying place in the commands.) :


(Now I somehow couldn't get back to the THEMEH~1 directory... most likely because I'm a noob and have no clue how to, so I just closed the version of DOSBox I was using and restarted it. Then I went to the D:\THEMEH~1>dir using the same steps as above.)

Now I was at:


I now launched the game (or tried to) by doing:


And just as I thought the game was starting up (you see the TH disk logo smthn and all, but only for a second...) it crashes back out into the dos again and gives me this:

Heap allocation failure
(Reason code: 2)

So, this is where I am stuck now.
Frankly, the game is dull and not as fun playing without the music and/or audio.

Please let me know if there are something I am doing wrong, or don't hesitate with asking for further details!
I did, as said, try all the above in both versions mentioned - and I only tried it with 0.73 as it is indicated in the following link, that it runs better with 0.73 than with other versions... :

I really hope you can help me asap!

Kind Regards
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Joined: 15 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:00 pm     Post subject: Re: Theme Hospital sound error DOSBox 0.74 and 0.73 (Win7) Reply with quote

Shayah wrote:

Z:\>mount D D:\DOSGAMES





For starters, some basics:
Rename that folder to themehos (dos -> 8 chars MAX)
d:\dosgames must be mounted as C: not as D:
dosbox virtual drives letters have nothing to see with windows drive letters !!!!!!!!!
So should be:
mount c d:\dosgames
cd themehos

If the files in the downloaded game are borked there is nothing we can do to help you.

Comp list is simply outdated, FYI: the full (original dosversion) game runs fine in dosbox 0.74.

The warezsite where you linked to has a support forum and contact form, why don't you ask there how to run their stuff??????????????
You don't expect us to download a game from a warezsite to testrun it for you, do you???

What's more you can get the full and working game (winversion) from GOG for $2,39
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