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Ragnarok/Valhalla Question

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:56 am     Post subject: Ragnarok/Valhalla Question Reply with quote

Alright, basically.. Played on and off for close to two decades, forgot stuff, playing again, can't remember (And no, Arbay does not seem to have the answer. I could be wrong, but I checked numerous times).

Question: How does one go about attaining a strength higher than 18.99 (Aside from Polymorphing and/or artifacts)? I distinctly remember it being possible, just not how.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:31 am     Post subject: Reply with quote

I remember this game it is very fun..

If you try long enough and hard enough your strength will increase there is no prerequisite or known limit (known limit to me).~

There is an amulet of might that can increase your strength by a large amount.
(usually enough to wield the god weapons yourself aka Mimming)

Green powder WILL increase your str past 18.99 provided you eat enough of it. And I mean lots. Eating all in the bazzar won't be enough prolly.

There may be an edible body thingy. naw I haven't found any other tha urns

There is a special realm accessable via the crossroads. It's called Azare´s Plane, it has strange green pools in it! Every pool is a different potion; you need an use an empty bottle and fill it up with that particular pool's potion. Every potion not made via alchemy will be available in that realm! A couple more than once.

Find the str potion pool, and fill up empty bottles with str potions~
Make CERTAIN you identify the potions first! As one cursed potion of strength can set you back many regular potions of strength. Occasionally some potions will be blessed too.

If you have the wand of wishing you can wish for empty bottles, 100 empty bottles etc. You can only wish for the amount = the exact number your luck is right then. Max is 100 luck. Holy water (a potion!) raises luck.
Blessed recharge scroll raises wishes by 1. Save before increasing a lot it may blow up!
(i rewrote most of the bazzar scrolls into blessing and recharge lol)

That is my best known way to increase str. Mine is over 24 right now.
Still, it's like level grinding, and it takes some time. When it reaches .99 in anything after 18 it will take many potions to get to the next str level. But it will eventually.

The crossroads is an ability. I think you receive it from eating a dead breleor. An evil plant that can control your mind and kill you, no matter how strong you are. It also gives an auto map-making skill when you eat it.
You can wish for dead bodies. Make sure you save before wishing as the wand can blow up. (or you can misspell and waste it)
You can wish for multiple dead bodies. You can wish for 100 if you have 100 luck.

BTW I'm using version 2.5 with slywerts(did i misspell slywert i wonder)

~skip if ya want~
Oh, this is besides the point but's tips guide seems to have a lot of mistakes/lacks in it..
My legitimacy might be the best either but here:

The enemie (breleor) I am talking about isn't listed there. I once found a far better and awesome guide on a site, but I lost those bookmarks and haven't found it since. Site might be down..

Just tested and yeah you can become a druagr, not sure if they can wear armors or weapons though. 60 speed

The Borgon Vile (as far as I know) is probably one of the best things you can turn into without going crazy/dieing. It has a special ability that does hundreds of damage to everyone around it. Friend or not. Very usefull. Speed of 20.
(or swordsman speed of 50)

BTW A speed of 20 is two turns in 1 round. For a 10 speed human 1 turn=1 round.
(70 speed kills you, 60 is max but dangerous, I think 50 is safe.)

And the stats are in no way related to your level or your levels in anything. Other than hp increase you gain per level, which is based off your con. BTW con maxes at 1500. You heard me. (mines 1503 heh)

And there is no max for the wand of wishing, and it can blow up at any level. Maybe a higher chance for blowing up at higher levels though.

And they are wrong saying all other classes are not important. You can only get the maximum skills from actually gaining ten levels in each class.
Aka. you can only make the second life (immortality) potion if you are a master alchemist. (10 levels in alchemy). Or create the Runesword if you are a master blacksmith. etc (runesword is 3rd best weapon in my book)

And the golden cogs are worthless like the chin strap.

Some of the enemies they list as friendly, aren't, until an event.

The special items are:
Crystal Gloves
Helm of Knowledge
Amulet of Ethereality
Amulet of Might
War Vest
Norse Boots
Blazing Cape

Crystal Gloves are very effective weapons. (5th best weapon in my book)
Helm of Knowledge will dictate what you learn when you read scrolls of knowledge. (useful to a point)
Amulet of Ethreality will grant you 'phased*' status. You can now walk though anything but empty space. (the stars at the borders of the 10-30 meters areas etc are 'empty space')
Amulet of Might is self explanatory
War Vest fully regenerates any injury except getting your head taken off. Example: if you lose your legs it will regenerate them fully, with feet.
Norse Boots are just boots as far as I know. The best boots.
Blazing Cape lights up dark caverns/rooms when you enter them.

You can obtain only 4 of those in a game, unless a ghost** with a name has one.

*Phaseing is a state of being. When you are phased your ac is higher but your weapon attacks are weaker. The phase blade works better than any normal weapon in phased status. (4th best weapon in my book lol)

**Ghosts that have the names of your dead characters only appear in the forest, and if you died there in that particular screen. They have ALL items left there by former characters. Including red bags and whatever is in them. Unless a gnome makes off with something..

Just the named ghosts may appear in the crypt. (but no items)

Wraiths don't increase you exp when eaten. But if they do they stop increasing exp after level 20. What wraiths do when eaten is increase your hp as if you had leveled up.

They DO say that, cool. nvm bout the orange cube thing I wrote before.

Chaos is a literal walk in the park with phaseing.

In Slaters sea you can*** read a scroll of wonder to rid the place of water. You can find the special item easy that way.

***(save once before entering to get new item if you don't want it, then save before reading wonder scroll to make sure you get desired effect)

They don't say how evil Vanseril is.. He drains your strength to nil then ADDS that str to his hp (via some sort of formula) then teleports away. I could only defeat him by phaseing though mountains to escape his miasma before I was in his reach, then I threw +100 shurikens at him. So many shurikens..
OH and he blasts you with very powerful psychic blasts that will kill you if you don't have the disperser helm.. (makes those pesky blasts very weak) BTW Vanseril is a big V in the mini map.

gah there's a lot of mistakes in their tips lol
lapses are expected i guess though
theres more to say I'm sure..

this one is a maybe:
When blue rocks fall from the sky with confused lava strike; I think they are the same as blue cubes. maybe

PS. I found this question from google, I'm sorry if it was necro'd ! And sorry no one responded to this post until almost a month later. lal
I wanted anybody who searches for a Ragnarok guide or Valhalla guide to maybe find this and get some extra tips. Since I can't find the text i like anymore Sad

( is shoes up first when searching for dos a lot lol)
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