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CS [old review found]

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 4:22 am     Post subject: CS [old review found] Reply with quote

A review I wrote some time ago for a defunct French AW site, Thought I could post those ol'things here.

Counter Strike +CS source
Counter Strike
Publisher : Sierra Online Inc.
Developer : Valve Corporation
Platform : Windows, XBox
Released : 2000
CS Source
Publisher : Valve Corporation
Developer : Valve Corporation
Platform : Windows
Released : 2004

The base of all CS games is Half-Life for CS and Half-life2 for CS source. You can't run CS without HL installed as it is a mod (modification). All about terrorist actions and the counter strike on those. You can choose what side you join, different sides also means different weaponry, main weapon for the counter forces is the M4A1, the terrorist main weapon is the AK-47. Beside those two main weapons there is a wide variation of weaponry: pistols, sniper rifles, grenades, demolition devices, shotguns. There are different game modes such as : assassination, bomb defusing, hostage rescue, terrorist escape, etc.

Probably one of the most played games on the internet, any time of day you can find something as 15-20 000 servers on air. Impressive numbers. Whole clans are created who means serious business. They don't laugh if you join a game and fool around a bit, you are banned extremely fast by the server admin. Most servers uses VAC shield, a good program that detect cheat attempts, cheating can't be done on those. Try cheating and you are immediately banned. This is really serious matter, sometimes it is a bit too serious, they seem to forget it's a game.
The original CS was about gathering hit points, raising rank, killing the terrorists, defuse the bomb, protecting the hostages, a whole assignment. To accomplish in a restricted time window, no hiding here, no cowards, you will have to fight for what's you are worth. Teamwork, that is the key here to succeed, teamwork, without it you are dead. You have to cover eachother, helping eachother out. The commentaries are usually not suitable for minors, the swearing is all around, but evenso the laughs. Dialogues varies from .... no, I won't give examples, they can be really vulgar. You have to see and hear it to believe what those youngsters scream at eachother.
The game doesn't has so many original maps, but there are plenty self made, good ones. Sounds in game are good, sometimes servers uses mods on their commentaries, clean language is not always used in those.

Released as a 'reality' game, no , really no real things in this game. I have done my military service, and had weapons training, you can NOT run around shooting with a heavy gun and hit something. Forget it. That is something from the movies, where heroes run around as crazy and are able to hit target after target with a clean shot. Forget it, it's a joke. Anyone who had such an arm in his hands can tell you it's impossible. Of course it's a game, so remind it when playing it, don't take yourself too serious.

Graphical the game is OK, nice graphics, well builded maps. The second release as CS source is even better, highest resolutions, good colors , extended effects. When fighting bots (extra mod) you will see that the AI is good, they fight back, even ambush you if they can.

How good is this game? Good, even better. Addicting stuff. You are hooked on it fastly. This game gives satisfaction, gameplay is great. The time restricted bomb defusing is not for the nervous gamers, you gonna end screaming and frustrated behind your keyboard. The same goes in fact for all the game modes, the tension is rising high in this game. You better don't expect going in as new player and be able to compete with the more seasoned onces, forget it, they blast you away in no time. Give yourself some time to learn the maps, the used tactics and teamplay. Use the spectator mode to learn those. And above all: join a clan.

How good is this game compared to the usual multiplay games ?
How distinctive is CS regarding other fps multiplay games ? There exist a wide variation fps multiplayer games, but only one CS.
First of all: the game divides the players into two camps: terrorist and counter-terrorist. What one team want to achieve, the other team want to obstruct, rivals from the first second till the last shot is fired.
No respawn in the same game when you die, you have to sit down as non-existent spectator, suffering bitter regret regarding your team go on without you, lacking your support in need, you must wait for the next round to be back in business. This is a great difference regarding the usual deathmatches where you respawn as you wish. You are much more careful to remain alive, and still has to fight, sit back and your team looses for sure.
Take a look at some of the the different game modes:
Time limit. If the bomb is fused, the terrorist want it to explode, the counter-terrorist team must defuse it in a limited timewindow, nerve wrecking, believe me, you can NOT stay inactive, you MUST go in. The terrorist can not sit back and await the CS team, they will be killed as sitting ducks, the terrorist MUST attack the CS team.
Hostage liberation. You as counter-terrorist must free them, protect them. As terrorist you want to keep hold on them, or otherwise eliminate them.
Assassination. Terrorist side want to assassinate a 'target' mostly a VIP, the counters must protect the 'target' at all cost (or otherwise).
Escape. The ones want to escape from a guarded area, the others are the guards.
The maps are well designed for this kind of games, plenty routes, corners and whatnot. The game and level design gives a unseen balance between stealth fighting and frenzied action.
You and your adversaries are vulnerable, some good aimed rounds with the heavier weapons kills you, no endless health or armor goodies here.
I can't think of another multiplay fps game who ask more from you, your nerve tension is intense the whole game through.

Is it all good then, don't know, honestly, I can't say something really negative about it. Even the lack of reality doesn't bother me, it's a game.

My personal quote for this CS can only be a A+

Regarding CS source, you will need STEAM to install-play the game, you can read my opinion about this steam shit in the HL2 review. I won't repeat myself here.
System requirements Counter Strike
Half-life installed (some retail versions are stand alone)
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
Intel Penitum® 233 or AMD K6-2
400 MB HD Space
2x CD ROM Drive
Win-compatible Soundcard
28.8+ modem or LAN
Intel Penitum® 233 or AMD K6-2
3D Accelerator card (OpenGL or Direct3D)
56K modem, Broadband, LAN.

System requirements Counter Strike source
Half-life 2 installed.
Steam installed.
Steam account.
Same system requirements as HL2.

Some screenshots taken in spectator mode:
(seems I was to busy when I joined to take some .......)

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DOS Wolf
Lord of Gaming
Lord of Gaming

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:15 am     Post subject: Reply with quote

I enjoyed the part about it was dubbed a realistic game, but anyone knowing how to use a weapon will know it is not. However I must say, I had on more than one occasion worked with fellow soldiers in it's virtual environment for MOUT training. (I think they changed the name of it by now.) Got you looking behind every door and more importantly use flash bangs and team work. I shot off more corners or the sides of a vent then I can remember. I use to carry the shot gun and Desert Eagle myself.

I had been banned a few times, not for cheating but for winning. I use to command my team who were usually losing at first, into working as a team and then after a few winning rounds banned.

Favorite maps were the one where you had to assault the house and could use the sewers if you wanted and the Office one. And that one map in the desert with the bomb, that choke point in the hall way was a real bitch. Have both teams throw every thing imaginable in that sucker- grenades, Fbs, smoke even and then go guns blazing and you just see people dropping like it was a seasta and yet some how some survived. And the Aztec one with the rope bridge and the stone blocks, those rooms were grenade traps. Hahaha!

And I use to love the uploaded commentary as well. “English Muther Fuc$#@, do you speak it!?” and “DOH!” were my two favorites. Of course later on they had World of Warcraft with leveling and spells, like lighting from the finger tips, life draining, super speed and invisibility (Not to be confused with actual cheating.) were neat, but I did not mess too much with it. And the later maps made by amateurs like the bathhouse where basically you were in one large box and every one threw grenades and hoped for the best, was quick because most people would die in the first wave.

And I will tell you this, nothing quite like being the only one left on the Counter-Terrorist side and you have a bomb to defuse, not knowing where the enemy could be if any if you killed one upon entering the area and the bomb was just set. Having it almost defused and then getting shots fired at you, having to stop to fire back and kill him, restart from scratch your bomb defusing and be at the last second only to explode at the end or to just make it by the hair on your chin... quite fun.

I also remember being able to use spray paint and using my own avatar. And of course there was the clan aspects as well that took you well above just being on a random team. And just for fun, speaking of being “realistic”, there was a video on YouTube called “Head Shot” or something. Every time he made a head shot he would say “Boom! Head shot!” and walk or run around the house with a knife, because in the game you ran faster with a knife in your hand... Classic!

However, the one thing I did not like was the waiting if you sucked or just unlucky and the fact that your weapon choices reflected how good you or your team were. Get your objectives and kill the other team and you received more money to buy all the nice weapons. Suck and you can only afford the poorer weapons, which in my opinion, unless you were a pro, would usually keep you on the losing side. And if you were good enough, it was rare you would be with out the good stuff anyway. It was best to be good with as many weapons as possible.

If you wanted a more realistic FPS on the original Half Life, you need look no further than Hostile Intent. When you wanted to fire your weapons, you not only had to raise it up, but also use the iron sights. I loved that game, but the waiting between rounds could be even longer.
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Joined: 15 Mar 2014
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:32 pm     Post subject: Reply with quote

DOS Wolf wrote:
Favorite maps were the one where you had to assault the house and could use the sewers if you wanted.

It's Estate... one of the first CS maps actually

DOS Wolf wrote:
If you wanted a more realistic FPS on the original Half Life, you need look no further than Hostile Intent.

True. Hostile Intent and Firearms are some of the best HL mods. If Valve gave either half the attention CS earned, we would probably have gotten a couple of modern sequels of both.
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DOS Wolf
Lord of Gaming
Lord of Gaming

Joined: 28 Oct 2014
Posts: 240

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:20 pm     Post subject: Reply with quote

Ahhh I did not play much of Firearms. I remember bits and pieces though as I recall. That was one with the bandaging right? I know Day of Defeat for a short time had bandaging, but eventually dropped it. And Firearms had more heavier weapons too right?

I thought at least Hostile Intent was going to Half Life 2. I knew they were already making the models. I was trying to get them to add more realistic things, but once I had lost my playing time, then too soon too was the forum.
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