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HALO [old review found]

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:06 pm     Post subject: HALO [old review found] Reply with quote

Probably one of the last I wrote for that defunct French site, even forgot I ever wrote that one, seems I didn't like HALO so much ......

HALO: Combat Evolved

Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios
Developer: Bungie Studios
Ported on PC by: Gearbox Software LLC
Platform: Windows
Released: 30-09-2003
Single player
Multiplayer: Internet, LAN, DM, CTF, Team DM, 19 players. No COOP.
ESRB: 17+, mature, Blood and Gore,Violence
PEGI: 16+
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Platform: MAC
Released: 12/11/2003
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Also for:
Multiplayer, Dm, Coop, 2 players
Released: 15-11-2001
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
System requirements:
CPU: 800 MHz
RAM: 128 Mb
Video: 32 Mb
W98 or up.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
I personally rather would have played as a PAK protector in Halo, but that won't mean anything to those who haven't read the Award winning Ringworld books from Larry Niven. If you haven't read them: look for them and read the books, they are way better than the game who is slightly based on the books ideas, much more entertaining too.
Not that Halo is a bad game, but hell, only DM variations BUT no COOP in a FPS PC release? This game would have been a perfect Coop game, lot's of action, enemies enough in all kinds of variation, detailed missions, large play maps, huge constructions, whatever.
Whoops, originally a Xbox console game with a 2 player Coop on split screen, so what? I'm on a PC you know, the box AGAIN says PC game. Screw you developers who port console games on PC and seems to forget that a PC is NOT a console. What you say? Not interesting enough the COOP games to develop them? I've never been alone on a Serious Sam Coop game, even on a UT modded COOP nor a Doom3 OpenCOOP. Get real will you? You developers and publishers loose bit by bit all credibility. Many gamers only will buy a FPS if COOP is implemented. (Yours truly also).
No real savegame possibility also, no quicksave slots, only idiotic console checkpoints, what a suckers. And they dare call this game "ported" on PC, me laughing at their faces.
From here on I will look at this Halo single player wise, if you want to know more about the extended DM variations Halo has to offer, you won't find it here, I'm disgusted in this console game porting politics.

So, back to the game, single player mode. AAAAAAaaaaaarrrrgghhhhh again the first levels are nothing more than a tutorial, and they are obligatory, no separate tutorial levels or bootcamp for whomever wants or need them, no SIR, you shall and will go through them. Walk here, step there, aim this, aim that, are those setting OK or would you want to change something, invert the mouse maybe? OOOoooooh thank you developers, without your implementation of these tutorial levels I surely would not know I could walk, jump, reload my weapon or crouch. THANK YOU, OMG I even can switch weapons, glad you learned me, damn glad, believe me, I would never have guessed it. Whoops, I forgot, it's a ported console game, are all console players idiots then? And this idiotic patronizing happens the whole game through, unbelievable, press E to steer the warthog, press E to use the guntower, the whole game through you are summoned to do this or that, and of course "CHECKPOINT" "RELOAD" "PRESS E FOR WHATEVER" "CHECKPOINT" "RELOAD" "CHECKPOINT" "CHECKPOINT" "RELOAD" "CHECKPOINT" "PRESS E FOR WHATEVER" and so on this whole game through I really really really hate you. I HATE YOU.

About the game, it's in fact not so bad if you could ignore all the "work on my nerve" patronizing messages. Nice done cutscenes; bit long sometimes, but I can live with it. They add some value to the storyline.
Graphical this game is good, not the top in 2003 but agreeable surroundings and most levels are well designed. Light effects, textures and artworks are close to superb. All kinds of human and alien armament, usable vehicles and more stuffies are nicely looking. Several missions grouped around a theme, a goal to achieve. Not all levels are good, some are plain maze-like, again not very difficult ones, you will not loose your way in those.

The weapons effects are eye candies, blowing up enemies at close range with a shotgun is fun, grenade blasts are also good-looking, swirling the bodies around. Yes I know I'm a son of a bitch in gaming, what you thought? I still like the Doom's, Quake's and Half-Life's; blood and guts, otherwise I would play strip-poker.
You can carry two weapons and some grenades, all you see around in weaponry is usable. Switching weapons with those on the ground is always possible, you'd better remember where you dropped an empty gun because you find them back the way you dropped them. Ammo enough, plenty even if you carry the matching weapons.
The enemies' lack a bit of AI, you may say they are slow learners, and by the time they maybe could learn, they are dead, tssss, shame.

This game in single player could have been a challenge to play, and probably an interesting game. Alas it isn't, too much patronizing, too easy levels, too much aid the whole game through. Even if sometimes you expect some challenge when facing a large group of enemies, there is always a helping hand, some ready guntower you can climb in, and other marines that help you out of the knee-deep shit.
Sometimes I get the impression that the ported console gaming is one about: don't make it too hard to play, we could frustrate the poor gamers. Too easy, no challenge and no soul, sad, sad for the real gamers who likes a hard gameplay.

This game isn't a ported console game, it is a console game and had better stayed on console.
Again as so many times a missed opportunity to make a challenging interesting game using a good game-engine.

The good:
Game-engine, graphics, surroundings, weaponry, storyline.

The bad:
Patronizing aid, no COOP, too easy, no real challenge, close to childish even.

In single player? Not really, no, too much "walk between the guidance lines".

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DOS Wolf
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Lord of Gaming

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:40 am     Post subject: Reply with quote

I can't say much for the PC version of this game, as I first played it on the XBOX. Although I did play the beach landing on the demo for the PC insurmountable times. Also I know there was and may still be a rift between those gamers of the PCs and those on consoles, but that gap has been steadily closing since the N64. I wont get into an argument about it, it is what it is.

Regardless, since it seems not much had changed from XBOX to the PC, if the enemies did not seem difficult enough, raise it to Elite. You can not really do much about the “reload” messages” or press “whatever” to enter a vehicle, but it shouldn't of been that big of a problem and I am sure some other PC games had the same thing. Although I had no idea the PC did not have online co-op... that was kind of bad. At least the console had it, albeit with a player on the same system using split screen. But then again we did not have online multiplayer play out of the box either, we had to cheat and use a freaking PC and some third party program to get online to play our matches.

My biggest gripe about the game was, although it was still done rather nicely, was going from A-Z and back again, almost exactly the same way you came. My first play I had not noticed it, my second play through I saw how and of course the reason why they did it, time. Anyway as I said, I can not really comment on the PC version, but the XBOX was decent if not great. And didn't the PC have a flame thrower built in and or an extra vehicle? I am not saying that makes it alright, but it is something.
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